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There's plenty of things to see and do aside from exploring iconic Angkor Wat temple. Siem Reap is relatively easy to get around thanks to the abundance of minivans, motorcycle taxis, and remok (Cambodian tuk-tuk) near prominent attractions. For example, Angkor Archaeological Park is located about six kilometres from downtown Siem Reap, where you can explore its iconic temples on foot, bicycle, or even eco-friendly electric cars.

In addition to the ancient temple ruins of Angkor Wat, other interesting attractions range from quaint museums, classical music venues in downtown Siem Reap to breathtaking waterfalls and floating villages set within the rural countryside. Read on for our guide on what to see in Siem Reap.

When to visit?
You can visit Siem Reap all year round, however, make sure to look at the climate statistics before you go and while you are there and plan your days accordingly! The weather is tropical and variable. As a rule of thumb, the weather is driest from November to March, so if you want to avoid tropical rain, then this is perhaps the best time to book your trip!

How may days?
Most tourists go to the region to visit the local temples. You can purchase different types of temple passes. However, a three day pass, and three nights in Siem Reap will be enough to fulfill any temple-goers!

Must Visit Places

This beautiful resort town is the perfect place to visit when in Cambodia, and a great place to stay when touring local Buddhist monuments. There's so much to see and do, but here are our top tips!

1. Angkor Wat
This is the largest religious monument in the world, and well worth taking a tour of.

2. Bayon
Another beautifully decorated and monumental temple in the region.

3. Angkor Thom
One of the more impressive and larger temple complexes in the area, and a popular spot for some Hollywood blockbusters.

4. Banteay Srei
Although slightly out of the way, when touring the temples of the region, this is one you don't want to miss.

5. Beng Mealea
One of the region's Hindu temples and a world heritage site.

6. Preah Khan
A magical place to visit, this largely unrestored temple is a mixture of beautiful architecture, now being reclaimed by the jungle around it.

7. Banteay Kdei
One of the most interesting and larger Buddhist monastic complexes in the region!

8. Srah Srang
This little (well not so little) oasis is a reservoir built by 10th Century Buddhists and is a tranquil tourist spot.

9. Neak Pean
One of many great Buddhist temples in the region, this artificial island is one of the more breathtaking!

10. Cultural Village Cambodia
This interesting (and slightly bizarre) theme park assembles miniatures of famous historical buildings and structures of Cambodia, grouped into 11 villages.

Other Interesting
Places &
Things to do

Understand more by visiting the Angkor National Museum
The museum is dedicated to preserving Angkorian artifacts and does a phenomenal job of explaining art and culture in the Khmer era dating back to the 9th-14th centuries.

Pub Street
This is where all of the backpackers gather to party their hearts out as music pounds from the speakers and people spill out onto the street and it is impossible to miss the neon “Pub Street” sign hanging across the street.

There are also plenty of restaurants lining the street where you can grab a bite to eat for an incredibly affordable price before drinks.

Get local at the Angkor Night Market
The market started in 2007 to help preserve Khmer handicrafts and help the locals and today you’ll find lots of bags made from recycled materials, hand-carved jewelry and much more.

Get a cheap massage
In Cambodia you can get them for anywhere from $1-7 at massage shops around the city. So if you have some time to kill or maybe decided to bike to Angkor Wat there is no better way to relax.

Eat your way through Siem Reap on a street food tour
You can get the chance to explore the city like a local and sample some of the best foods in Siem reap with a local tour guide who will take you through a night market. You’ll learn not only about Khmer cuisine but also culture and get to try famous street food dishes, snacks and of course get dinner.

Landmine Museum
The museum is located within the Angkor National Park and was established by an ex-soldier who went back to villages where he fought and started defusing landmines he had planted by hand. Money raised by the museum goes towards further landmine clearing, to fund its new school and amputee children.

Be entertained at Phare, the Cambodian Circus
It’s one of the things to see in Siem Reap if you need a night of entertainment that doesn’t involve pub street. Head over to the circus where you can watch acrobatics fly from the ceiling, listen to live music and have on-site dining during the show.

And many more.

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