kratie taxi driver , private taxi driver in kratie

welcome to kratie taxi driver ! My name is theng thana car taxi driver in Cambodia , i offer private car taxi driver and tour around kratie province , if you want to the tour and taxi driver transfer and transportation in kratie province please let me know i am happy to tell you as soon as i can , we will be you comfortable price .

Lexus RX Car / Highlander / mini Van 12 and 15 seat ( full safety seat belt )

I arrange private from kratie to other city

+ taxi from kratie to phnom penh

+ taxi from kratie to siem reap

+ taxi from kratie to mondulkiri

+ taxi from kratie to raratakiri

+ taxi from kratie to other city such your order

I just confirmed you can booking adventure around cambodia with us

we speaking english and we help you all the time

whatsapp +85568222901

phone number +85568222901

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