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welcome to Cambodia!! I'm Ley Hour a private car taxi driver / mini Van tour in sihanoukville , i want to you i was borned in sihanoukville and private car taxi driver in sihanoukville more 15 years , i got full experience in sihanoukville ,,, i offer daily private car taxi sihanoukville to phnom penh , taxi from sihanoukville to kamport . taxi to kep ,  if you need taxi transfer or tour in sihanoukville please contact to me i am happy to be your driver all the time ,

Best taxi tripadvidor in sihanoukville

+ Car taxi SUV / mini Van tour in sihanoukville

+ private car taxi from sihanoukville to phnom penh

+ private car taxi from sihanoukville to kampot / kep city

+ private car taxi to cambodia / vietnam border and Cambodia / thailand border

+ private taxi from sihanoukville to siem reap / battambang city

I want to let you know you can booking my around Cambodia


whatsapp +85568222901

phone number +85568222901

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Warning !! DON'T GIVE my phone number to Hotel for contact me ,

They Never Called to Me , they will tell you Can't contact / driver busy

driver don't pick up calling / wrong phone number !!

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